The 4th Make over

The 4th Make over
5 November 2015 admin
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The 4th make over

In collaboration with the Dutch Organization Dwarslaesie Organisatie Nederland, a platform for people with paraplegia, Chairmelotte realised 4 Make overs with readers of the Magazine Dwarslaesie..

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On the pics you will see Dave. For Dave Chairmelotte created ‘trousers David’ of black denim, designed for sitting only. And a sturdy ‘bomber jacket Louis’.
This coat’s most style defining features are the voluminous dangling pockets. Moving with the body when it bends forward, they’re constructed to keep a phone and other objects safely inside.
While in a standard bomber jacket the pockets are placed at a height less convenient for someone who is sitting, the pockets of design Louis are within easy reach.

At the front this jacket is shorter than usual. The zipper is 10 to 15 cms shorter than it would be in a standard jacket intended for walkers. This ensures that the jacket hangs straight down, without annoyingly bulging or sticking out.
The back, on the other hand, is longer than standard to ensure the jacket doesn’t ride up.
To create room for arm movement in driving the chair, there is an extra pleat in the jacket’s back.
The advanced cut of the sleeves (jacket front panels running into the sleeves) has two effects. It enhances the torso and at the same time creates extra space for backward arm movements. Ease of forward arm motion is taken care of by the widened cut of the sleeves at the back.

First Make over

When you explore the blogs, you will find our make over with Jumiati. Because she was never wearing a dress in a wheelchair anymore, Chairmelotte designed for her a two part dress, called ‘Dress Nicole’. This cheerful dress in supple tricot works wonders for her shape. It has a cascading neckline, bishop-style sleeves that slim your arms, and slanting pleats to slim and flatter the tummy area.


Second Make over

The second Make over was with Geert Henk. He liked to have a suit made according to his wishes. Chairmeltte designed for him ‘Suit Jean’ that will fit him when he is sitting and when riding. So we made the back of the jacket extra wide, with a box pleat to allow extra movement.
The sleeves are curved and wide enough to give upper arms and elbows room. The front panels are shorter than usual and run down lower towards the back.
These straight leg trousers are classically styled and anatomically shaped.

make over 2 DON_voormake over 2_GH_DON_na_bright

3th Make over

Our 3th Make over was with Manon. She lived in a wheelchair for just a couple of month and noticed that she had to revise her wardrobe completely. For her Chairmelotte designed ‘Culottes Mignon’ and ‘shirt Betty’. With these culottes dressing and undressing is really easy: Both trouser legs can be zipped open to fold open the culotte as a whole. Just place on your chair, fold open, sit down on them and zip closed. The legs flare out wide to create a skirt effect. The slanting zippers also create a slimming outline. The yoke is extra firm and flattens the tummy area.
The waist is elasticated at the back for perfect adjustment to your personal size. The culottes are cut high at the back and lower at the front.

chairmelotte_make-over_april_05 (2)

The nice little ‘shirt Betty’, which is a front closeras well as a back closer, is always useful.A great basic to have in your wardrobe. It can be put on in two parts, so that there’s no need to stretch the arms backwards or upwards.

But for the Make-over she had a special wish : a jumpsuit. So Chairmelotte designed a unique two part jumpsuit, ‘Jumpsuit Virginia’
Make over 3 in Don Magazine juli 2015

With this unique two-part jumpsuit, forget about tugging and struggling, because top and trousers can be handled and worn as separates!
Even if you wear these trousers let out to their maximum waist, the front will stay pleated, which has a slimming effect.
An invisible side seam zipper allows quick and easy dressing and undressing.

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