Super solution for carrying medical devices

Super solution for carrying medical devices
31 October 2016 admin
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Where to put your medical devices?

Lots of wheelchair users who need to use medical devices wonder where to put these items. Especially when you have to use an urine reservoir, you do not want to show it. But where to hide it?
In your socks? In your booths? Taped on your the skin of your leg? It is a problem, but not an unsolvable one.
Chairmelotte liked to find a solution and succeeded to find a super solution by designing a pair of trousers with some special adaptions, just to carry medical devices.

Take a close look at the pictures of these special, adaptive trousers: a big bag on the leg of the trousers was added to store the bag and the trim over the leg covers the tube and hide the devices completely. Isn’t it a super solution for carrying medical devices?

Chairmelotte's trousers Margot with special bag Chairmelotte's trousers Margot

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