Research by Students Avans University

Research by Students Avans University
17 November 2015 admin
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Research by Students of the Avans University results in Strategic Marketing Plan UK

This year Ms. Chaimae Faqir, Student of the Avans University for Applied Studies, Breda / ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, did research for Chairmelotte.

Ms. Faqir was doing this project as part of her final coursework towards a degree in Entrepreneurship. Her research concerns the clothing styles of wheelchair users.
It is very important to Chairmelotte Wheelchair Couture to learn the opinion and wishes of potential customers. Meeting the demands of wheelchair users is vital to our design team. Therefore we are delighted that Ms Fakir was studying this subject.

She collected lots of information in the United Kingdom, spoke to many wheelchair users and did her desks research. All of this resulted in a Strategic Marketing Plan for the UK.

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