Pencilskirt Chairmelotte – seagreen
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Pencilskirt Chairmelotte – seagreen


Its shape and coarse zipper make Charmelot a striking skirt
that works for both everyday wear and festive occasions.

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When you are looking for a skirt that follows your legs when you are sitting, this skirt is your choice.
This pencilskirt is made up of curved panels fitting the seated body.
It falls just over the knee (zipper length from waist to hem: 50 cm/19 ¾ inches).

The skirt is made of a firm light green cotton (100% CO). So use your hip measurements to decide your choice of size because the fabric will not stretch.
The waist, however, can be adjusted to your personal size as it is elasticated at the back.

Like all Chairmelotte-skirts the back of this skirt is cut high; there are no butt pocket, nor are there seams. The back is completely smooth.
The front sits low, the tummy control panel will keep the front flat and doesn’t gather in the groin area.
For easy zipping up, the front yoke has an extra inside press stud!

The eye-catching nylon vislon tooth zipper (two way) is open-ended so the skirt folds open completely.
To put on, you open the pencilskirt, place it in your chair, sit on it and close the zipper. That’s easy dressing and undressing!

! This pencilskirt is not suitable for wearing whilst standing or walking, unless the zipper is partially opened

Cleaning : Machine wash warm 40°C (two dots) , using bleach-free detergent.
Warm iron (two dots).

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And what if none of our sizes work for you? What if, for example, your perfect fit means a shorter back length, unequal sleeve lengths or a different shoulder-to-waist ratio? Chairmelotte offers you the possibility to have our adaptive designs adapted to your personal requirements and preferences.

By using our Made to Measure Service you can have a garment created from a pattern from our collection that will be specially redrawn to fit your body measurements and adapted to your wishes. So there will be an individual pattern, which we could also re-use repeatedly, and make variations on, if you would like to order more new outfits later.
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