Personal Tailoring: Barbara’s story

Personal Tailoring: Barbara’s story
20 October 2014 admin

Our Made to Measure service : Barbara’s Story

Barbara from the Netherlands wanted a beautiful dress to wear at the party she would be giving to celebrate her fiftieth birthday. She chose design “Diana”, which is the one used in the photos showing Chairmelotte’s “Hidden Qualities”. She adores the colours purple and lilac, so those were chosen for this dress. Because Barbara has a scoliosis of the back, we’ve adapted her dress to suit this condition. The panels of the top of the dress have a slight twist, so that the top flows optimally with the body. Moreover, the top is narrow at the shoulders and three sizes wider at the waist. It’s also shorter than standard size. We’ve repositioned the sleeves and adapted the back panel to Barbaras’ shape.


To balance the dress and achieve a beautiful décolleté at the same time, the neckline was somewhat deepened both in front and at the back. Barbara asked for the sleeves to be 7/8 length. They are slightly flared and trimmed with a decorative fabric. We used the same fabric in the flounce and in the decorative trimming that conceals the skirt zipper. The skirt also has a twist. Like the top, it follows the body shape. The cut of the shirt is asymmetric, the left and right panels being different from each other, but the optical effect is that of a symmetric skirt. And, naturally, Barbara’s skirt has a length to flatter her and features our “dreamseam” , matching the overall picture.

Our model Barbara is wearing dress Diana here. You can order this dress by using the Made To Measure Service.

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