Our special edged aprons

Our special edged aprons
22 May 2015 admin
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Apron Sweet Hearts and Apron Carved Wood: specially designed for sitting

Apron Sweet Hearts is one of the two special edged aprons, specially designed for sitting. You find no pleats around your waist when you choose this apron.
If you drop something, it won’t fall straight to the floor.
Small objects like pencils, hair pins, screws and nails , bits of paper, or what have you, will stay in your lap, within the apron’s frilled edge.
It’s made of nylon material, so it’ easy to wipe away any liquids, from drinks to water paints, as well as bits of food.
The neck strap closes at the front with a press stud and is adjustable.
(It’s ample enough to accommodate a neck brace.)


Practical apron Carved Wood is also designed for sitting and using your lap as a worktop.
If you drop a small object, it will stay within the apron’s edge.
It’s made of nylon material, so any liquids or bits are easily wiped away.
The ample neck strap ties through a ring at the front so it’s easily adjustable
So you see, Chairmelotte’s special edged aprons are designed for sitting!

special edged apron carved wood

The picture of the nice couple in the kitchen was taken by Cur8able. Cur8able started a give-away on Twitter in the spring of 2015.

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