Our Philosophy : Clothes that stand out when you are sitting!

Our Philosophy : Clothes that stand out when you are sitting!
9 March 2014 Chairmelotte
In This Ability

Our Philosophy

Chairmelotte dresses women and men who want to strengthen their appearance. If you choose our stylish clothes it’s because when wearing them you’ll make an impression and you’ll be taken seriously.

We offer high quality clothing that you’d like to wear to a job interview or to work. Outfits to shine in at a party or any social function. Formal suits for special events, as well as fashionable casual clothes, just right for wearing to the cinema or staying in with a book. And whatever the occasion, you no longer have to choose between either beautiful or practical.

At Chairmelotte’s we aim to combine the best of both worlds to create beautiful, stylish clothes that have an optimal fit and practical extras making them comfortable to wear in a wheelchair. And we aim to make these clothes so attractive that people who don’t need any adaptations or special extras would love to wear them too.

We keep in contact, interactively, with our customers about all tips and wished-for adaptations. This enables us to tailor our collection to suit men and women at different stages of life and with different wishes, so that they can identify with the comfortable and fashionable clothes we offer.

And we hope you’ll be one of them.