Our Made to measure Service

Our Made to measure Service
20 October 2014 admin
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Our Made to Measure Service Step by Step

The Chairmelotte collection is available as ready-to-wear garments for wheelchair users of different sizes. But what if none of our sizes work for you? What if, for example, your perfect fit means a shorter back length, unequal sleeve lengths or a different shoulder-to-waist ratio? Chairmelotte offers you the possibility to have our adaptive designs adapted to your personal requirements and preferences.

By using our Made to Measure Service you can have a garment created from a pattern from our collection that will be specially redrawn to fit your body measurements and adapted to your wishes. So there will be an individual pattern, which we could also re-use repeatedly, and make variations on, if you would like to order more new outfits later.

Step 1


We discuss your wishes and explore all possibilities

This can be done using webcams via Skype or Facetime.

Or it might be possible to arrange to meet somewhere.

Step 2


Your measurements are taken

You ask a friend to help you and we will give the two of you precise instructions, using webcams.

Or it might be possible to arrange to meet somewhere so the measuring can be done by us.

Step 3


First fitting: you try on the toile of your garment

You will receive a toile of your garment by post.

A toile is a test garment made from a cheap fabric.

This mock up of your garment may look strange, as the fabric doesn’t stretch or flow,

but this is just right for showing the designer how to shape the actual garment accurately for your body.

We check the toile and discuss any required adjustments, using webcams.

You send the toile back to us by post.

Or it might be possible to arrange to meet somewhere for the first fitting.

Step 4


Second fitting: you try on the toile again

Your adjusted test garment arrives by post for a second fitting.

If the toile sits perfectly, you send it back to us and tell us by email that we can start to make the real garment.

If you would like further adjustments, we will simply repeat Step 3.

Only after these steps, the actual selected fabric is used to produce your garment.

Step 5


Your personal made to measure garment arrives by post

Step 6


You look great wearing your outfit and get complimented on it a lot

Make sure you keep repeating Step 6 and enjoy your garment to the full!

For personal advice about tailoring designs from our collection to your figure and information on prices, measuring, and fitting, please email us at


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