Our Ambassadors : Wendy’s story

Our Ambassadors : Wendy’s story
22 May 2015 Chairmelotte
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Wendy’s Story

My name is Wendy Legierse-Louwers (born 1974). At the age of 24 I became a full-time wheelchair user. This changed my world completely. It was a very big struggle. But I’ve found my way. There are very few things I don’t do or shouldn’t do because I’m in a wheelchair. Sometimes things need to be done in an adapted way; often activities just need some more planning and preparation. But I am grateful for all those special moments, however small they may be!

I have used my experiences to write a children’s book. It’s about a girl in a wheelchair. She’s called Renske. Renske is 8 years old and ends up in a wheelchair after an accident. This situation takes quite some getting used to, not only for herself but also for her two best friends, Lizzy and Tygo. It also raises a lot of questions with the other kids in her class. Can we still play together now that Renske is in a wheelchair? Why does she need to be in a wheelchair anyway? Does Renske still have to do some chores at home? Is she different somehow? Fortunately, Renske herself and her friends discover more and more fun possibilities. And it turns out she’s not so very different from the rest of her classmates.
With this book I hope to show children that a person in a wheelchair isn’t strange, weird or anything like that. I visit a lot of primary schools to read from my book and afterwards the childeren can ask me anything they like about my life in a wheelchair.
www.renskemetwielen.info ( Site in Dutch only, I’m sorry.)

Wendy is wearing Dress Mercedes here. With her great looks and enthousiasme for this dress, Wendy is really one of our ambassadors. You can order this lovely dress in the shop (Winter Cheer Collection).