Nicole in ‘Royal Dutch’

Nicole in ‘Royal Dutch’
3 April 2015 admin
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Suit Coccinella

Our model Nicole is showing Suit Coccinella. This suit is part of an exclusive line of unique handcrafted pieces is made in limited editions, called the Royal Dutch Collection. Quality clothing that you’d like to wear to a job interview or to work, desk-to-dinner dresses and more.

We discussed that that this tasteful outfit gives her the perfect look for more formal occasions. Nicole liked it that this jacket’s lovely neckline draws all attention to the shoulders, neck and face.
Let us tell about this beautiful suit:
The short jacket is slightly nipped in at the waist, with extra space in the waist area to accommodate the waist in the sitting position.

Both jacket and matching skirt are in beige cotton cord and beige-green gobelin fabric, used asymmetrically.
The jacket has an open-end zipper at the back: no need for the arms to reach backwards in putting it on. The large front buttons are decorative only as the jacket closes withpress studs.

We placed the back zipper placed upside down to allow zipping from the neck downwards. That’s more comfortable. The sleeves feature short invisible zippers at the wrists.
Skirt falling over the knee. And for quick and easy to put on and take off: it can be folded open completely (!) using the open-end zipper hidden under a decorative trim.
The skirt is, like all Chairmelotte-skirts, made up of curved panels fitting the seated body.
Of course the back is cut high and elasticated for adjustability; the front sits low and doesn’t gather in the groin area.

Nicole is showing Suit Coccinella here. You can either order the skirt or the suit in the shop
(Royal Dutch Collection).

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