Make over with Geert-Henk

Make over with Geert-Henk
28 April 2015 admin
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Geert-Henk is wearing Suit Sean here. You can order this blue suit Sean in the shop (City Look Collection).

In collaboration with the editor of DON magazine we organized a second Make Over. This time we designed a suit for Geert Henk, a gentleman with a large waist area.

Let us tell about this suit:
This dark blue suit, made of a good quality woollen garbardine woven from wool and a small amount of polyester is very supple and hangs well.

Jackets are always a problem, so we made the back of the jacket extra wide, with a box pleat to allow extra movement.
The sleeves are curved and wide enough to give upper arms and elbows room.
They have been positioned for fitting the seated body and are slightly longer than standard size. The sleeve splits are decorated with buttons.
The front panels are shorter than usual and run down lower towards the back. The jacket has a een breast pocket and closes with two buttons.

These straight leg trousers are classically styled and anatomically shaped.
Absence of surplus fabric in the groin area ensures extra sitting comfort while there is extra room at the crotch.
The back is cut high and elasticated so its width can be adjusted to personal size.
The front is low and and has a stiffened waist-flattening yoke. It has a fly with extra long zipper.
The decorative button hides a press stud. The legs are extra long for sitting.

make over 2 DON_voor

You can read the text in Dutch here:
make over 2 DON tekst pag

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