Make over: special suit for special occasion

Make over: special suit for special occasion
25 August 2016 admin
In Made to Measure Service

Before and after: makeover in Dwarslaesie Magazine

In collaboration with the editors of Dwarslaesie Magazine, a magazine for people having paraplegia in the Netherlands, we arranged a real make over. This time the wished for item was a complete suit for a wedding: an adaptive waistcoat, a special shirt and anatomically fit trousers. A special suit for special occasion!

With our Made to measure service we discussed the wishes of the reader of the magazine. After that we produced al three items of the suit in toile, that is a sort of white cotton fabric, to see if the fitting was correct. We only had to make a few changes in the waistcoat, the trousers and the shirt fitted him perfect!
Finally we could start sewing the suit in the original tissue. It was a great job to do this and we love the results!

At this picture you see the grom in clothes brought in regular shops for walking men.
Chairmelotte's make over summer 2016
At this photograph you see the adaptive suit for the wedding:
Chairmelotte's make over summer 2016 after

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