Made to Measure Service: Tycho’s Story

Made to Measure Service: Tycho’s Story
18 September 2014 admin
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Tycho’s Personal Version of Coat ‘Roger’

May we introduce Tycho, one of our voluntary male models. Here he’s wearing the coat design we call “Roger”, a versatile overcoat in blue wool. Tycho’s upper body has a great looking V-shape: a broad torso and narrow hips. But his back is shorter than the lenght we use in our table of sizes. A standard size coat would swamp our model.

So we adjusted the back lenght, which was, in fact suprisingly short already as part of the design. The back panels’ seams fall just on the seat of the chair to avoid all inconveniences of having to sit on the fabric. Putting the coat on and taking it off also becomes a lot easier. For Tycho the extra adaptation for his back length means that the coat doesn’t cram up against the back of his chair. The rear of this design also has a box pleat to allow extra movement for driving the chair. And talking about arm movement, for Tycho the sleeves needed to be shorter than the standard size.

In ordinary coats the front panels fall away to the sides of the legs when the wearer is sitting. The panels of this coat, however, are cut to stay together and on the thighs. At hip height there is a bend in the coat, which we shifted to fit Tycho exactly.

Pockets are often a problem. In Tycho’s case we decided to remove them from the pattern, in favour of a better overall look. The coat in the collection does feature pockets, positioned in such a way that they are easy to slip your hands into. Slipping in and out of the coat itself should be easy enough too, as we’ve given it a smooth lining.


Our model Tycho is wearing coat Roger here. You can order this coat Roger in the shop
(Winter Cheer collection).

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