Lookbook California Lovin

Lookbook California Lovin
10 May 2015 admin

Cur8able Lookbook California Lovin

Chairmelotte was one of 5 brands specializing in beautiful adaptive clothing that got invited to participate in a photo shoot in Los Angeles. The event was organized by Stephany Thomas, an L.A. based graduated disability fashion editor and stylist (www.cur8able.com).

Stephany believes absolutely everyone can be dressed in beautiful clothing designed with their body types in mind. She promotes fashionable functional clothing that will have a direct impact on self-perception, social interaction, and overall quality of life. This involves understanding that every industry has a standard, and although technology is quickly changing how we define fashion norms, there are still strict expectations about what marketing material should be like. So we’re delighted that Stephany has offered her help in producing Chairmelotte photos that ‘ll do great in mainstream fashion industry standard marketing. And we hope these pictures may contribute to our shared aim of normalizing the presence of people with disabilities in the media.

Curious to see Stephany’s work?




The models are wearing Dress Mercedes and Trousers Daniel.
You can order these items in the shop (City look Collection).

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