Group discussions with wheelchair users

Group discussions with wheelchair users
1 May 2013 admin

Our Delightful Research

On 1 May 2013 we organised a group discussion about clothing experiences of wheelchair users. Our hostess was Ms Roos Kapteijns of the City of Den Bosch Platform for Persons with Disabilities, who gave us a very warm welcome. It soon became clear that for most of the people present finding suitable clothes often was a time-consuming affair. You usually tend to know what you need. For example, some extra space in the waist area, trousers without back pockets, a nicely tailored dress. But these kind of clothes are hard to find. And if, in addition, you would like some zippers in the sleeves because you wear arm braces, then in fact that is were it ends.

The participants confirmed our impression that well-fitting clothes for wheelchair wear and standard ready-made clothes are really two different things.

The conversation was delightful and warm-hearted, and we were impressed by the candour of the participants as they related and demonstrated what special ways and tricks it may take to manage dressing and undressing on your own. This is also illustrated in the clip that shows Ms Corinne van den Hout- Rijvers’s assistance dog opening her zipper.We wrote down all tips and wished-for adaptations and it was quite a list. The meeting was great succes, if only because the whole idea of Chairmelotte clothes is to meet all these special wishes in the form of ready-made beautiful fashion for wheelchair wear.


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