Dutch design Dutch make

Dutch design Dutch make
11 March 2016 admin
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March is Chairmelotte’s birthday month. It’s already two years ago that we launched our online shop. More and more wheelchair users know where to find us. Web visitors from various European countries as well as from the USA, Canada and Brazil have shown an interest and are enthousiastic about our clothes. So we’re well on the way to achieving our aim of becoming an internationally known company for wheelchair couture. Our customers appreciate the high-quality sewing and the good fit. And that gives us all the motivation we need to continue.


Chairmelotte produces very limited editions, which makes each item almost unique. Our first collections were sewn in a European manufacturing company willing to help us start up. By now it’s clear that Chairmelotte designs are rather hi-tech, in the sense that the sewing process is compex, very time-consuming and typically involves a lot of hand needlework. Items ordered from the ready-to-wear ranges that are not easy to manufacture are more and more frequently made in the Netherlands. Dutch design Dutch make. This means that we can’t avoid having to pass on Dutch prices to the customer, except for our best-selling items. Delivery times will also increase slightly.

Delfts blauwe klompjes
On the upside, it will become easier to make small adaptations to our standard sizes. For instance, if you have very long legs, you can have your trousers made extra long, without using the more expensive Made-to-Measure Service.

As for our best-sellers, they are made in slightly larger editions so prices can stay the same. These include the pencil skirts and men’s trousers ‘David’. Other items still in stock will also be sold at the old prices.


Tailor-made garments ordered via our Made-to-Measure Service are made in our own workshop. If you’d like to supply your own fabric for a Chairmelotte design from our webshop, just contact us, we’re happy to discuss possibilities. Or just tell us your preferences and ideas on this.

As always, we love to hear from all customers and future customers.

The Chairmelotte Team

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