Chairmelotte on Pinterest

Chairmelotte on Pinterest
3 June 2015 Chairmelotte

Chairmelotte’s Amazing Wheelchairs on Pinterest

Did you happen to know that we like to collect pictures of special wheelchairs from all over the world? We have pictures of wheelchairs from the past and wheelchairs yet to come. Some of them are still drawings now, but may be they will become the wheelchairs of the future. And we love it to see all those projects, people making the most individual chair for themselves or their loved ones. For special occasions as going to the beach, on a snow holiday or to the half pipe.
We like to collect them all, see our board Chairmelotte’s Amazing Wheelchairs on Pinterest.

And when you are at Chairmelotte on Pinterest you will see more boards. One with our First class collection Wheelchair Couture and you will see our special edged aprons when you visit board Chairmelotte Accessories.

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into the sea!

Chairmelotte's knitted wheelchairs

diving chair

carbon fibre wheelchair

Chairmelotte’s Amazing Wheelchairs