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Spotted us somewhere?

It’s great to read news and blog items from al over the world about our initiative.
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  • Jun252013

    World Championship Wheelchair Dancing 2013

    Questionnaire in no less than six languages We were lucky enough to be present at the World Championship Wheelchair Dancing…

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  • Jun012013

    Booth at Dutch Championship Wheelchair Dancing 2013

    During our group discussions and online investigation amongst wheelchair users to know all about clothing styles and preferences of people…

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  • May112013

    Podcast interview Boschtion

    Podcast radio interview On Saturday 11 May 2013 we were interviewed by Herman Nijholt of local radio station Boschtion Radio…

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  • May012013

    Group discussions with wheelchair users

    Our Delightful Research On 1 May 2013 we organised a group discussion about clothing experiences of wheelchair users. Our hostess…

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  • Apr242013

    How to reach the audience?

    How to reach the audience? Floris de Wit and Christa de Wit liked to know all about clothing wishes, clothes…

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  • Apr172013

    Research among wheelchair users

    Call  in local paper On 17 April 2013 local paper Stadsblad ’s-Hertogenbosch devoted a page two article to Chairmelotte, written…

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