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Spotted us somewhere?

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  • Apr032014


    The First Collection Ready to Wear! The Dutch organization MS-anders helps people with Multiple Sclerose. They publish about health and Multiple…

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  • Mar272014

    Contest Fashion On Wheels

    Contest Fashion on Wheels The Dutch organization De Zonnebloem, a wellfare organization for the elderly and ill people, organized a…

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  • Mar092014

    Our Philosophy : Clothes that stand out when you are sitting!

    Our Philosophy Chairmelotte dresses women and men who want to strengthen their appearance. If you choose our stylish clothes it’s…

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  • Mar092014

    Always wanted to be a model?

    Always wanted to be a model? Now if that question makes you think “Sure! If only I had the figure…

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  • Feb282014

    Discover the Hidden Qualities

    Searching for style and comfort without compromise? Chairmelotte has you covered. Scroll down to discover de hidden qualities:

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  • Feb202014

    Our Story: It’s fashionating!

    Our Story It was in the midst of smartly dressed guests at a dinner party that the idea to start…

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  • Jan102014

    Behind the Scenes

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  • Nov162013

    Chairmelotte at Social Map ‘Mee’

    Mee Social map about living, care and welfare in the Netherlands: MEE Chairmelotte Wheelchair Couture features on the social map…

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  • Nov082013

    Promo video for Noorderbrug

    At Chronically Ill Patients Week In November 2013 we made a 5-minutes movie about our plans to apply innovations to…

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  • Sep162013

    Chairmelotte at Texworld Paris

    Texworld Paris We were introduces to the Texworld and Apparel Sourcing Fabric Fair Paris. Today Texworld has become more than…

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