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Spotted us somewhere?

It’s great to read news and blog items from al over the world about our initiative.
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  • Feb152016

    Presentation Minor researchproject
    Avans University

    We are very honored that as many as four students of Avans University have done their Minor commission at Chairmelotte’s!…

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  • Jan242016

    Video How to take measurements
    for Ready to Wear-garments

    Video How to take measurements for Ready to Wear-garments? Taking measurements will be easier with these instruction video how to…

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  • Jan052016

    Noraly, exellent choice for your splendid holiday party

    Skirt Noraly, excellent choice for your splendid holiday party This time of the year is perfect for thinking about the…

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  • Dec022015

    Chairmelotte on New York’s QUARTZ

    Chairmelotte on New York’s QUARTZ Lila Mac​Lellan, freelance writer based in New York was been writing a story about adaptive…

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  • Nov172015

    Research by Students Avans University

    Research by Students of the Avans University results in Strategic Marketing Plan UK This year Ms. Chaimae Faqir, Student of…

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  • Nov092015

    Chairmelotte on German Der Querschnitt

    Der Querschnitt: all about Fashion for wheelchair users Journalist Nikola Hahn published at www.Der Querschnitt an article about fashion for…

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  • Nov052015

    The 4th Make over

    The 4th make over In collaboration with the Dutch Organization Dwarslaesie Organisatie Nederland, a platform for people with paraplegia, Chairmelotte…

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  • Oct242015

    Annual day DON for people with paraplegia

    Schakeldag Every year the Dutch organization DON for people with paraplegia organise a ‘Schakeldag’: a day in an easily accessible…

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  • Oct152015

    Met gala Metropolitan Museum of Art

    Manus x Machine – Fashion in the Age of Technology theme 2016 Met gala Metropolitan Museum of Art For the…

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  • Sep162015

    Chairmelotte at Instagram

    Chairmelotte at Instagram Did you know that we recently started to publish our most beautiful pics and photo’s at Instagram?…

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