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Spotted us somewhere?

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  • May092018

    Design for Disability Gala 2018

    Invitation for the night of D4D, Design for Disability Gala 2018 Daniel Plotzker, marketeer by the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, saw…

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  • May082018

    Vote for Disability Horizons

    Chris Cuzck, a valued friend to Disability Horizons, asked us a quick favour that should only take a minute or…

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  • Jun162017

    Make over with dress Alma

    Make over In cooperation with Dwarslaesie Magazine we produced a Make Over for a woman living in a wheelchair, who…

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  • Jun072017

    NYC Disability Pride

    We are approached by the organization of NYC Disability Pride to cooperate in the festivities. So we will dress the…

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  • Mar152017

    Cue the lights

    Cue the lights, hit the music, and get ready to strut your stuff. It is one of the last shows…

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  • Jan232017

    Why Disability is the Latest Fashion Frontier

    Driving home from Thanksgiving two years ago, Karin Hitselberger was confronted with what she calls an “accidental supernova” of sorts.…

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  • Dec062016

    Great for the holiday season!

    Love this dress For the holiday season it is often difficult to find the right outfit, especially when you are…

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  • Oct312016

    Super solution for carrying medical devices

    Where to put your medical devices? Lots of wheelchair users who need to use medical devices wonder where to put…

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  • Aug252016

    Make over: special suit for special occasion

    Before and after: makeover in Dwarslaesie Magazine In collaboration with the editors of Dwarslaesie Magazine, a magazine for people having…

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  • Mar112016

    Dutch design Dutch make

    STARTING YEAR THREE! March is Chairmelotte’s birthday month. It’s already two years ago that we launched our online shop. More…

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