Always wanted to be a model?

Always wanted to be a model?
9 March 2014 admin
In Our Ambassadors, This Ability

Always wanted to be a model?

Now if that question makes you think “Sure! If only I had the figure for it…”, then please think again. Because we’d also like to hear from full-figured and short people, both ladies and gents.

Is your best feature a charming smile, or an attractive glance, nice skin and colouring, or great hair, or just general radiance? Never mind size or age, leave it to our clothes to make the most of your shape. And chances are our camera will love you.


There’s just one thing, though. We’re very sorry, but for the time being we can’t afford to fly people in from foreign countries or to travel out to you. So you have to be based in, or staying in, The Netherlands (or somewhere really, really close). If that’s the case, let’s hear from you.

Please email us at,
adding at least 2 photos: a full face portrait and a full portrait.


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